Sunday, 24 February 2008

The Ogaden War some pictures

Here are a few more pictures from the games we have played over the last couple of months. No batreps but some explanations of the pictures.

Ethiopian infantry deployed on a reverse slope awaiting the arrival of the Somali armour, T54's and Centurions but no infantry support. The Ethiopian infantry have the RPG upgrade on half of their stands, there are some 57mm AT guns deployed at the bottom of the hill centre right and some M47's deployed on another hill just behind and to the right of the infantry.
The Somali armour reach the crest of the hill and fail their command roll. It them becomes a bit messy with the Somali armour being largely suppressed, destroyed or driven back with acceptable casualties on the Ethiopian side.
The aftermath, two Somali Armoured Battalions in disarray for the loss of two infantry units on the Ethiopian side. The suppressed armour is about to take another series of attacks from the supporting M47's which just about destroys them as an effective force. Reverse slope defence in action, there is of course the other side of the coin, the attacker comes over on mass with armour and infantry, faces ineffective challenge fire, makes their command roll and participates on the right side of a turkey shoot. Some you win some you lose.

Long time coming

Well the blogs been quiet for a while, not enough time to cover what I wanted to do and I'm still having problems with the camera. Some of the pictures aren't too bad but most are still a bit out of focus.

The Ogaden War campaign has been progressing steadily with a series of counter attacks by both sides with varying degrees of success. We finally ended up with a pursuit scenario followed by an encirclement as the Somali forces fled with the Ethiopians in hot pursuit. We have begun to pay more attention to the victory conditions for the different scenarios and not been so hung up on the losses suffered if they didn't directly impact on the goal of the mission or reached break point for the battlegroup.

We are currently having a bit of a break from the Ogaden War after six successive battles and played out the diversionary attack scenario from the book. It was based on the late Eastern front army lists with 5,000pts of Russian against 2,500pts of German, the Russians managed to achieve a minor victory by putting the bulk of their armour on their right flank and bulling their way through and destroying enough infantry elements to force the deployment of the first German reserves. It was at this point we were out of time so we never got to see how the T34's would have faired against the German armour, it is maybe a good thing that we had run out of time as one of the T34 battalions were currently presenting their rear armour to the German table edge and would have been in effective firing range.

Next week at the club it 's going to be a Cold War battle between Warpac forces and my Norwegians if I get the NM135's finished otherwise German Territorial's either way it should be fun 10,000pts of BMP's and and T-64's against 5,000pts of M48's, Kannones and M113's. I'll borrow my wife's camera as its probably better at close ups than the one I'm currently using.