Monday, 26 December 2011

15mm Plastics

I have for want of a better word drifted into 15mm WWII, it all started innocently enough with a couple of the Zvezda 1/100th scale models for Art of Tactic. At £2.50 each it seemed such a bargain, get a couple to build up and paint, just for fun rather than any intention to get into a new scale. So I got a Panzer II and a T-26, they went together really easily and when painted up looked really nice. Next was the T-34, followed by the PSC Russian Infantry and T-34 box set with five models and before I knew it a couple of Sdkfz 251 and Opal Blitz trucks because you can't have one side without an opponent, FIB mortar and MG teams followed along with Gaz trucks and a couple of BT-5s. And much to my shame the Battlefront Russian Infantry, but they were at £30 rather tan the usual £40 plus.

So now I sit with about 300 figures to get painted and at least half a dozen vehicles to build and paint. They were the priority project being as I had bought them I should get them completed and some use out of them. However the Alder 6mm Russians I picked up at Triples are now top of the list because of the BKCII game planned for the first club meeting after New Year which I am supposed to be running.

Thursday, 10 November 2011

Desert Basing

Here are a few photo's of the Arab Israeli armour I've currently got based.

BMPs and T54 with the chinchilla sand and paint mix.

Close up of the T54

T62s with chinchilla sand mixed with a dark brown commercial flock.

More T62s with chinchilla sand and commercial flock mix

Israeli HQ

M113 with plain chinchilla sand too light and lacking in texture so due for some new bases.

Monday, 19 September 2011

An update woohoo as my daughter would say. Bought some 6mm houses from Najewitz Modellbau which I have to admit provides an excellent service, models ordered on Saturday from Germany and they arrived Friday. Well I would have got them Friday but even free post they were a signed for delivery, no one home and going to Paris on the weekend so I had to wait another week to collect them.

Some pics of the models.

The school building

The tenement block

The apartment block

The Ch√Ęteau

The Normandy Row Houses

The first three are cut from a very thin MDF like material the others are resin cast and very nice models. The only thing that really needs doing is to insert an interior to make them feel a bit more solid, but they go together well using PVA glue which seems to dry very quickly .