Monday, 3 August 2009

Is it really that long.

Well it's been an age since the last post. Things have been progressing quite well with the BKC stable of games. FWC has now been added and we have played a few games.

The terrain has been improved and expanded with a variety of fields, trees and buildings, some my own card buildings and some resin cast.

A selection of fields, the rather white looking area's don't look too bad in natural light but the flash does tend to lighten them up a bit.

These are the cheap as chips Chinese trees sold on Ebay and although they aren't brilliant at less than 10p each and used en masse they don't look too bad. The edges of the bases on the fields and tree bases require painting but until I get my new boards completed I'm still not sure what colour to paint them.

I'm still waiting for the release of the new BKC book and so are some members of the Kirklees Crusaders a club I have recently begun attending. They meet Monday nights at Patriot Games Wood St Huddersfield and are a friendly enough bunch and play a variety of games. I still attend the club at Claremount Cons Club on Wednesdays so two nights a week wargaming is pretty good, just need to find somewhere for the other five nights to make my wife a true wargames widow. The only snag would then be finding time to paint up new figures.

My old club at Scunthorpe is running a games weekend on the 3rd and 4th of Octber and I'm hoping to run a large CWC game which should provide a some new content for the blog. I started gaming at the Scunthorpe Club which has undergone several incarnations but is now probably in the healthiest condition it has ever been. A lot of members and a dedicated room at the Grange Farm Hobbies Centre so in theory available seven days a week. Paradise!.

The Scunthorpe Club still holds fond memories of Modern Campaigns and some characters who have influenced my thinking on wargaming in general. It is rather sad that I've lost touch with some of them.

I've got some more photo's of terrain to post when I manage to find them so hopefully I'll be able to maintain some momentum with the blog but things have changed a bit over the last few months with a new job and my daughter going away to university which I hope she will find a fulfilling experience.