Monday, 26 December 2011

15mm Plastics

I have for want of a better word drifted into 15mm WWII, it all started innocently enough with a couple of the Zvezda 1/100th scale models for Art of Tactic. At £2.50 each it seemed such a bargain, get a couple to build up and paint, just for fun rather than any intention to get into a new scale. So I got a Panzer II and a T-26, they went together really easily and when painted up looked really nice. Next was the T-34, followed by the PSC Russian Infantry and T-34 box set with five models and before I knew it a couple of Sdkfz 251 and Opal Blitz trucks because you can't have one side without an opponent, FIB mortar and MG teams followed along with Gaz trucks and a couple of BT-5s. And much to my shame the Battlefront Russian Infantry, but they were at £30 rather tan the usual £40 plus.

So now I sit with about 300 figures to get painted and at least half a dozen vehicles to build and paint. They were the priority project being as I had bought them I should get them completed and some use out of them. However the Alder 6mm Russians I picked up at Triples are now top of the list because of the BKCII game planned for the first club meeting after New Year which I am supposed to be running.