Sunday, 27 January 2013

Another year of inactivity

Well over a year since my last post. A lot has happened I'm now a Granddad, a lovely baby girl born on Christmas Day, delivered by my wife and myself after the ambulance didn't quite make it on time. I've changed employer again, it's getting be something of a habit, started playing FOGR and participated at Crisis Point, a multi-player 6mm Cold War game played to the Cold War Commander rules which was a very enjoyable event with a follow up game Arctic Strike planned for this year. Both games are set in 1985 with a Cold War turned hot background.

The game is planned to take place on the 13th and 14th of April with 18 players split between NATO, WARPAC and neutrals. The venue is Dungworth Village Hall near Sheffield with some new players as well as some of the participants from last year.

The game is set in Norway with the Russians managing to piss everybody off including the Finns and Swedes in their attempt to capture the country. For those who know the CWC rules there are some variations with provision made for repair, electronic warfare and medical units. This was to encourage players to produce more unusual units with the repair and medical units units providing the chance to recover lost bases overnight between the two days play and the electronic warfare unit allows for a command bonus if a successful roll is made. LORI's exist as supply units and if you allow your command stand to lose it's LORI's either as loses or not getting them back up from your supply dump you suffer a command penalty.

Air superiority is decided by the respective sides allocating fighter units to particular sectors so if events dictate it you can throw everything into that crucial sector. Ground attack aircraft are allocated at random each turn with the controlling side deciding where to use them. Each side has a rear area table which it has to defend as its supply depots and artillery parks are situated there.

Last years game saw a hard fought WARPAC victory in a relatively straight forward attack/defence game, this year NATO will still be on the defensive, but it is envisioned that they will be given sufficient points to carry out offensive action on the tables they see as critical to their victory.

Visitor are more than welcome and with a local hostelry serving outstanding home made pies and a nice pint you could make a day of it. You will also get the opportunity to meet some very friendly wargamers, last year considering the majority of us didn't know each other things went very well with no arguments or rule disputes.

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